Mistuya Watanabe NEW Offcial website

Mistuya Watanabe NEW Offcial website
Mistuya Watanabe NEW Offcial website


Artist Statement
“Reality” for me is like a troubled water with clustering signs. I myself am one of those codes thrown into the real world. This fact makes me dizzy, and provokes an anxiety and a sinking feeling.
In some ways, this is because signs cannot be replaced by an objective reality.
The relationship between the objective reality and signs keeps fluctuating like an equity price- in other words, signs is like a satellite circling around the objective reality.
And the center of this orbit is held upon the waves of the signs, as an absence that is forbidden to be seen.
The points that matter in this reality are, how we drive the lives using the signs; in what way we can rebuild a new purpose; and how we make ourselves the signs to the others. For me, to produce art is a way to get there.
The images in my art works are treated as the signs alike my written works. It confuses writing with drawing inside of me. The pencils that I use to draw accentuate the fact that writing and drawing are the same to me. Pencil is the medium which is familiar to everyone, thus it works as if it is a common language shared with others through their own hands.
I make two contradictory attempts in my output.
Positively, I treat signs to let them connect freely to each other and form a new concept and meaning, so that the lives will be activated.
Negatively, I treat signs as collateral imitation of the absence so that their meanings will be vanished into air.
In such ways, I produce the works that are facile, but true to nature at the same time.
Drawings and texts seem confining each other’s images, but expanding the possibilities at the same time. They both have the blank spaces of which we cannot talk about, and it makes me frantic to fill them up.
I would like the viewers to experience a rite of passage through my creation. It is a place of initiation where the destination looks similar to the beginning. It is the labyrinth where you cannot flee from the fact that you are a sign. I would like my creations to be the space for solemnities where signs can evolve to be a little different from before.

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